Achieve Your Dreams With Confidence and Direction.
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Achieve Your Dreams with Confidence and Direction
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Create your specific path to 
achieving your dreams:
We'll work to clarify your goals:
  • Discover how to transform trauma into triumph
  • Create Passive Income
  • Scale Your Business
  • Set a clear path to your goals
  • Save Your Relationship
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Charisse Walker is a Coach, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Author, Podcaster, and TV Host. 
Her goal is to help make dreams become realities for people she works with. 

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About Charisse
Charisse Walker is a powerhouse businesswoman with a ​unique perspective on business, life, and ​motherhood. As a divorced mom, former ​corporate executive, remarried mother, ​and children ranging in age of 9 to 24, ​Charisse knows the difficulties of returning ​to school while working full-time, juggling ​a career and family, being a single-mom, ​and raising special needs children.

Charisse is the author of Flipping the Iceberg: Discovering and Celebrating What Lies Beneath the Surface in Your Relationships, a podcaster for Unbreakable Mompreneurs, the host of an Emmy-nominated tv show called, The American Dream, a speaker, realtor, lender, real estate investor, and coaches people in three areas: investing in real estate, business, and life skills. 

She has spoken on several stages, appeared on several podcasts, and been featured in magazines. 

Charisse loves working with people who:
  • desire to have healthy relationships.
  • motivated to achieve their dreams.
  • believe they can be successful.
We want to help people better their lives, find peace, happiness, and fulfillment. 
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